Sun, sea, sand: Southern Sri Lanka’s best beaches

From the verdant and mist-draped valleys and soaring waterfalls of the Tea Country to the spectacular temples and vast lakes of the Cultural Triangle, it’s all too easy to miss out on Sri Lanka’s beaches. These are no Maldivian powder-white sands; Sri Lankan beaches are wild and golden, boasting crashing waves, pounding surf and distant whales breaching above the turquoise seas — and all the more exciting for it. Tucked away on the serene shores of Koggala Lake, Tri is within easy reach of some of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka — here are some of our all-time favourites.


Famously named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Unawatuna is a must-visit for any beach lover. Dotted with colourful guest houses and bars, this is one of the buzziest options on the coast, and offers brilliant scuba diving just off the shore.



Just beyond Koggala, Kabalana is one of our closest beaches. The gently-shelving shoreline makes this a great spot for fans of open water swimming, whilst local surf break ‘The Rock’ is rapidly becoming one of the most popular spots on the island for braving the barrelling waves.

Kabalana Beach, Conde Nast Traveller
Credit: David Loftus for Conde Nast Traveller


A long, wide stretch of golden sands and gentle waves, Weligama is perfectly located at the heart of the south coast surf scene, offering waves for all abilities. Fringed by palms and frequently passed by migrating whales, this picturesque beach is the ideal spot to while away an afternoon.



Vibrant and colourful, bohemian Mirissa is one of the most popular local beaches. Dotted with surf shacks and beach bars serving up fresh thambili king coconuts, the sound of music drifting on the breeze, there is a huge amount to discover on this much-loved local beach.



Further to the east, Hiruketiya is a small collection of coves and bays dotting the coastline towards Dickwella. A little further from tourist hotspot Galle Fort, these beaches have retained their undiscovered vibe — perfect for stretching out, coconut in hand, and doing not much at all.



The easternmost beach in our selection, Rekawwa is around halfway between Tri and leopard hotspot Yala National Park. Fusing wild, boulder-strewn beaches with crashing waves and swaying palms at precarious angles, this seemingly endless sandy beach offers a slice of pure, unspoilt escapism.


The impact of Yoga on your Mind

With the essence of wellbeing and concept of inner journey ever present at Tri, we hope that each and every guest will leave with a calmer mind, more nourished body and lifted spirits. We’re proud to pioneer the Quantum Yoga approach, a powerful platform that offers individualised and dynamic self-healing through yoga, breath and meditation. Its approach is holistic, leaning on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, and combining this with the modern insight of Quantum Physics.

Yogashala (7)

The Health Benefits of Quantum Yoga

Quantum Physics has proven that any activity, when done with a heightened level of awareness, bears a greater transformative potential. Just by being more conscious, our cells vibrate with increased healing intention. Combine this with the therapeutic practice of yoga, and we have the ability to rewire our minds for the better.

Yoga at Tri Lanka

Sanctuary of peace

Patanjali’s definition of yoga in the Yoga Sutras of the 3rd century CE is “Yogash Citta Vritti Nirodha”, literally translated as “Yoga is the stopping of the thoughts turning around in your mind.” A calming and grounding practice, yoga disconnects us from the constant hum-drum of daily stresses and offers us a true sanctuary of peace.

Increased serotonin levels

A true Quantum yogi masters the harmonisation of breath and movement, and the concentration required to fully do so can lead to a meditative or trance-like state, welcoming increased serotonin levels and in turn feelings of positivity and happiness.

 Appreciation of the now

 As a practice that promotes a conscious and loving interaction between the body and mind, yoga allows us to be grounded in the present moment, promoting an increased awareness of self, a connection to the world around us and an appreciation of the now.

 Physical benefits

 Moving beyond our spiritual and mental wellbeing, the benefits of yoga extend to our physical bodies too. The practice offers a plethora of benefits, including improved motor skills and coordination, increased energy levels, flexibility and strength, better posture, greater muscle tone and agility.


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