Guided by nature, evolved with aesthetic passion, and fortified by an all-encompassing sustainable philosophy, Tri is a masterpiece of forward-thinking flair, where mathematical marries artistic and intelligence embraces emotion. Tri’s Golden Ratio theme developed organically; a contour survey of the site informed the spiral pattern and the positioning of the buildings and Tri’s unique design ethos.

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The layout mirrors nature in every way: from echoing the curling and unfurling of plants to the use of local materials that complement the region’s landscapes, while the golden ratio informs the unique dimensions and placement of each structure.

The Water Tower

Befitting its location in Sri Lanka’s cinnamon heartland, the Water Tower (home to three lake-view suites) is an elliptical cinnamon-clad edifice with a dramatic 360° viewing deck. In addition to marking the site’s mathematical centre, the tower – encircled by a spiral-shaped water feature and gardens – underlines Tri’s marriage of manmade and natural into a living, useable whole.

The Main House

The open-plan Main House works with the gentle slope to create a multi-tiered living space: an upper level lounge beneath a cantilevered roof, wide sunbathing terraces, and 21-metre pool aligned with two distant lake islands; on the lower level, indoor and outdoor dining areas – all with lake views.

Library and Shala

The library and yoga shala float gently in a  bamboo grove above the spa. 100% recycled jak wood gives the floors and walls a characterful warmth and its earthy cinnamon stick balustrade further helps it to blend into the surrounding nature. The library is completed with simple contemporary furniture locally made from kumbuk, mango and teak.